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Air Conditioners Buying Guide in India (2020)

As the summer has started knocking our door. The temperature is going to soar more in the coming months. Especially in northern India where the hot air will start blowing & there will be heatstroke as well. The highest temperature is also increasing by year to year so Air condition has become an essential electronic item, not a luxury.

Home appliances are such thing that you don't go out every day to get, you buy it once (8 to 10 years). Before buying you glance through all the important points of Air condition then go for the one which will meet your requirements the best.

If you are planning to buy Air Conditioner from your nearby walking brand store or mall or from any of eCommerce portals like amazon or Flipkart then there must be questions or confusion in your mind that Does 1 TON AC mean weight of AC or does it mean something else? Is 1-ton AC enough for 100 Sqft room size? Is 2 ton AC enough for 2BHK flat?  So how to choose the right AC (Air Condition) for you 1 BHK/ 2 BHK or for the property you held or stay.  What will the running cost of Air Condition or electricity consumption of AC?  As if Air conditioners are available in many shapes and sizes, capacity, with different types of technology &  features, with star ratings ranging from 1 to 5 and with a different type of AC from the window to split Ac.

So it is necessary to understand some of the important features which are must to know & understand before buying an air conditioner online as a buyer. So to help you to buy the correct Air conditioner we have created an “AC Buyer Guide” after doing our exhaustive research, online, with the user, family, and friends to prepares a list best 5 Air Conditioner.

“Summary of Buying Guide”

  • 3 to 4 Star rating Air condition with ISSER rating between 3.0 to 4.5 is the most affordable and efficient Air condition.
  • Inverter AC is good enough if you moderate user Dual inverter AC for a heavy user of extreme climate like as in Delhi. The consumer with very less usage can also go none Inverter ac and save some money.
  • Choose an AC which has the copper compressor Coil and also check that complete coil/ joining pipe from outdoor to indoor should be made up of Copper.

“Best Time to buy Air condition in 2020”?

As the  Star rating / ISEER is going to get revised in 2020 due to which the price of Air condition will increase. In order to increase energy efficiency, the AC manufacturer needs to change the design parameters like increasing airflow, the surface area of copper tubes, and a highly efficient compressor, etc. These initiatives lead to an increase in the initial cost of the star-rated ACs. As August already arrived & we are at the end of summer, Amazon sale is about to start from 6 of August, in which you can get a heavy discount on the Air Conditioner. So take a benefit & buy in heavy discount.

Things to look for before buying an Air Conditioner

Let dive in detail of each technical feature/point of the Air conditioner to see what is best and the value for the money option available for us. So instead of buying the expensive, wrong AC, we will help you not only to choose the  BEST AIR CONDITIONER  and most affordable & efficient Air conditioner but also a powerful one loaded with the required latest technology for your home. And I bet you that you will be also surprised to know that it’s not always correct to buy the latest & expensive technology Air conditioner (AC) as it may not be the most suitable one for your home 

Because it depends on your:-

  • Usage hours of AC, your location of the house.
  • The direction of the window.
  •  The number of glass on your window door.
  • The shape and size of your room or living room.
  • Exposure of wall and roof to sunlight.
  • The number of equipment and furniture in the room.

Size or capacity of Air Condition (AC)– TON

 The following table will help you choose the right size of the air conditioner according to the room size. So that you can choose your required TON of AC.

Size of the RoomRecommended AC Size
0 to 80 square feet0.75 Ton
80 to 120 square feet1 Ton
120 to 180 square feet1.5 Ton
180 to 300 square feet2 Ton
Size Vs AC ton requirement

TON:- It’s a number that tells how much heat the air conditioner can remove or soak from the house in an hour. TON is measured in BTU.

1 TON= 12000 BTU per hour means it can extract 12000 BTU of heat from room in one hour.

ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) rating standard is mandatory from 2018.

Both  SEER and ISEER is same.

ISEER rating is the total cooling load (amount of heat removed) to the total amount of energy consumed by the air conditioner. This means, ISEER = Cooling seasonal total load (CSTL) / Cooling seasonal energy consumption (CSEC). The ratio calculated is then used to select the correct star ratings.


Currently required ISEER rating standard are as follow.

ISEER ratings for Window ACs (Fixed and Variable speed )
Star levelMinimumMaximum
1 Star2.502.69
2 Star2.703.89
3 Star2.903.09
4 Star3.103.29
5 Star3.30 3.50
ISEER ratings for Split ACs (Fixed and Variable speed )
Star levelMinimumMaximum
1 Star3.103.29
2 Star3.303.49
3 Star3.503.99
4 Star4.004.49
5 Star4.50 

Electricity Consumption of the AC

1 TON AC =  3.5KW

And with 5 star rating  = AC will be 3.5KW/3.5(5 star ISEER value)=1KW i.e 1000wattt.

So 1 ton ac with 5 star Ratting is having load of 1000 watt. Means running the  5 stat I TON AC for 1 hr will cost you 1 unit of electricity bill.


3 to  4 Star Air condition with ISSER rating of 3 to 4 is most affordable and efficient Air condition

Type/ category of AC

Type/ category of AC :-

Window AC : fits in window can be easily to use for rented house. And have high cooling but electricity usage is also high & high compressor noise.

Split AC : The ac which have separate out door and indoor unit. Mainly the compressor is out door rest blower is inside unit. Its bit costly in price but electricity cost of usage is lower then window. Service cost is high. Low noise.

Cassette  AC:  Installed in celling  and mainly used in office and big house or vila. Is very expensive and

Portable Ac:-   A small AC about !!0 capacity and cooling and air blower every thing is is inside, But it also required a space to fit a exhaust pipe from which it can nlow the hot air out.

Tower AC:-  Kind of  Big portable AC   but mobility is restricted to few meters. Can be used at the office gate and can be used at marriage function and party. Where the doors are open and closed many times.

The Verdict:-

Split AC is best efficient and if you hold your own property.

And if stay in rented house & you land lord doesn’t allow to make changes in your house then Window AC is best

Technical Details of AC

Technology of AC:

  1. Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC:
    1. Inverter AC can run at various speeds and variable tonnage or watt of load as per requirement of temperature of room.
    1. On the other hand, non-inverter AC units run at a constant tonnage and    speed and its simply operate on and off while regulating the temperature.
    1. Inverter AC units are more efficient than the non-inverter ACs in long RUN  and if you usage is high or you are a continuous user.
  • Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil:
    • Copper is expensive  & better than aluminium good and  in long run , repair cost and durability, corrosion,  strength heat Transfer.
    • A leak in the copper coil can be repaired easily and save you from costing of replacing the complete coil. However, it is far more difficult to wield or solder aluminium.
  • Mode of operation in AC:
    • Chill Mode /Himalayan Mode: AC will more with full power
    • Dry Mode : Remove the access of humidity from air.
    • Sleep Mode : Can be set timer for sleep or switched off.
    • Hot & Cold AC : Air condition that works in all weather by providing you instant cooling in summer and keep you warm in winter.
  • 3 M micro Electrostatics Air Conditioner filter which remove the air pollution as well.

The Verdict:-

Inverter AC is good enough if you moderate user

Dual inverter AC for a heavy user of extreme climate like as in Delhi. Consumer with very les usage can also go  non Inverter ac.  But the complete Coil should be made of Copper.

Note : Do check that complete outdoor and indoor joining pipe is of copper.

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