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In times such a pandemic like a coronavirus nowadays, it’s becoming more chaotic than yesterday. As the coronavirus spread far and wide in recent weeks, customers have been filling their basic food item trucks, toiletries. And we consumers as women who menstruate, surely realize that it’s equally important to stockpile ‘those’ stuff as well.

But looking up to scenario especially here in India and more specifically in 2 tier cities, there is not enough stock of pads in the market and in future it’s going to bring some other hygiene-related issue for sure. so, before that happens, we need to find an alternative for pads or tampons which is MENSTRUAL CUPS.


Menstrual cups are shaped almost like a wine glass with a stem at the bottom made of silicone or latex rubber and inserted into the vagina. Rather than absorb blood and other fluids like a tampon and pads, cups collect blood. menstrual cups can be reused over time which makes it stand out in comparison to other sanitary products.

Cups can hold more blood than other options available out there in the market.  I am sharing the video in which I have shared my experience of using a mensuration cup and step to use it. I hope I can help many other women out there thinking to try that and it will drive or inspired a few of them to use it as one the eco-friendly option in contrast to tampons and pads.


In spite of the fact that you can purchase any of the brands on the web or in many stores, you’ll initially need to discover what size you need, its recommended to consult your gynecologist first. Most menstrual cup brands sell little and huge adaptations.

It might take you a couple of days or a couple of periods to get settled with the cup.

How to put inside?

  • STEP 1- Buy the cup according to your age and size
  • STEP 2- Sanitize the cup- once you get the cup to sanitize it with warm water and any disinfectant and this step is to be repeated every time you will use.
  • STEP 3- Sit into a squatting position so that it will be easier to put the cup inside.
  • STEP 4- Fold it and insert it- folding plays the trick here, initially you can experiment that how the cup is comfortable inside you it will take some time but trust me once you get the hook of it, your period’s experience will never be the same.
  • STEP 4- Twist the cup- we twist the cup so that it unfolds and becomes airtight to collect the blood without any leakage.

How to take out the CUP?

Initially, you need to take that out little often to check your flow, later on, once you become comfortable you can leave it up to 10-12 hours easily.

  • STEP 5- Sit over squatting to take the cup out- While a few ladies need to take it out standing up, You should attempt it over and over again. It could be a very chaotic & messy process in the beginning that you may have to deal with. Try not to stress, however. When you make sense of the ideal way for you to take it out, you will fill it like a simple procedure.
  • STEP 6- Empty the cup- empty the fluid into collected into the menstrual cup in the toilet and wash the cup and its ready to reuse. again.


  • It’s eco- and wallet-friendly
  • You can leave it in for 12 hours
  • There’s less odor


  • It can be tough to find the right fit​
  • Little tough & messy process at first.

In this time of isolation, it’s feasible you’re utilizing your own restroom now like never before. That makes it a perfect time to figure out how to utilize a menstrual cup. The cute little cups have other non-pandemic advantages too: They are better for the earth, your wallet, and your body. They can likewise most recent 12 hours one after another instead of four to eight hours for a tampon & pads.

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