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RS 2400

fliphook | sweatproof | TieBand

Headpone JBL

RS 1899

Corded and Cordless Use | Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades | 30% faster cutting with Lift & Trim system

Philips Trimmer QT4011/15

Ways to know it's time to own a new Automatic Washing Machine.

Wash Quality

Old  semi-automatic washing machine is not as accurate and efficient as a new automatic washing machine, If your washer is leaking.

A lot of noise

If your washing machine creating a lot of noise, like an airplane.

There is a smell which won't go away

If the Washing machine Ffils to adequately self-clean & there is always a foul smell. 

More frequent wear & tear

If you have to pay for the service of your washing machine due to frequent wear & tear.

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